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200-hour yoga teacher training course (certified by Yoga Alliance)

The 200-hour yoga teacher training course (certified by Yoga Alliance) offers a unique opportunity to delve into the foundations of yoga, exploring the different techniques and philosophies that underpin this age-old discipline.
This course provides a structured framework for exploring the different dimensions of yoga, from asanas (postures) to breathing techniques, philosophy and anatomy. It also enables future teachers to acquire the skills they need to guide their students safely through their practice.
But beyond the technical aspects, this course is also a valuable opportunity to immerse oneself in a transformative experience. It invites participants to connect with their own inner practice, to cultivate presence and to develop a deeper awareness of themselves and the world around them.
By taking this course, you will be embarking on a path of personal and professional development. You will be inspired by experienced teachers who will nurture your passion for yoga while encouraging you to find your own voice.
Whether you want to deepen your personal practice or pursue a rewarding career teaching yoga, the 200-hour yoga teacher training course is an essential step on your path to self-fulfilment and self-realisation.
For more information on how to apply, please contact us or visit the Training page:

Target audience
- Adults aged between 18 and 70
- Healthy and fit enough for demonstrations and teaching
- Professionals wishing to complement or develop their practice in the health/medical/paramedical sector
- Professional dancer, choreographer

- Practise yoga or another sporting discipline
- Be able to express yourself in front of a group

To be mastered by the end of the course
- Skill 1: know and perform all the asanas listed in the training guide
- Skill 2: create and guide a 1-hour yoga class for 20 able-bodied adults
- Skill 3: develop a critical approach to the practice of yoga forms and adopt a continuous improvement approach
- Skill 4: understand anatomy and know the associated vocabulary in order to indicate potential physiological benefits and contraindications
- Skill 5: know the Sanskrit vocabulary associated with yoga in order to understand the yoga system in its entirety.

Duration of the course
- 200 hours face-to-face
- Additional: 10 hours of classes with a written analysis
Additional: 10 hours of personal work

Duration of the course
- 200 hours face-to-face
- Additional: 10 hours of classes with a written analysis
Additional: 10 hours of personal work

Assessment methods
- 25%: assessment of ability to analyse a course
- 25%: practical assessment of the teaching of a course
- 50%: written assessment at the end of the course

What to take away
- a Yoga Alliance-certified teacher diploma
- a detailed guide
- a personal and professional network
and, of course, joy and fulfilment

YOGA & SUP Hotel Palaffite***** Lac de Neuchâtel

sa.6-sun7 mai 2023

2 yoga workshops with Lidia at Palafitte Hotel and an evening of SUPYoga 16h-19h
(SUP locations, and collations incl.)

Prix: 460.00
Lieu: Hotel Palafitte*****

SUPYoga It is true that this sport looks quite physical but the most of this sport lies in the Zen dimension of yoga. Imagine relaxing while letting yourself be lulled by the movement of the water. Close to nature and far from the noise of the city, what better way to take a break from your routine?

Yoga with Lidia at the Palafitte with a view of the lake in the morning,
SUPYoga on Lake Neuchâtel in the afternoon
and outdoor yoga on the beach on the last morning!

The only hotel built on stilts, the Palafitte ***** enjoys an exceptional location, close to Lake Neuchâtel. The choice of building on stilts is linked to the history of the site: in the region, specialists have found the remains of the first houses in Switzerland, built on stilts.

I am at your disposal for your reservations on site or in other establishments in the area.



Yoga Weekend, La salle Corto Maltese, Lavaux

saturday & Sunday 22-23 July 2023, 10 am-1pm / 3 pm-5pm

This immersion weekend in the middle of the Lavaux vineyards with fantastic views of Lake Leman and the Alps is dedicated to those who would like to deepen their knowledge of yoga in general.
the area is ideal to have a walk along the lake, have a swim or just enjoy a vegetarian dish on the restaurant terrasse next where yoga takes place.
3 hours of daily practice on the program, 3 hours of pranayama, relaxation, walks or enjoying the area.
Spirit: The intention of having chosen such a place is necessarily to honor Hugo Pratt, author of Comic. Travel, adventure, learning, esotericism, mystery, poetry, melancholy. The spirit of the character corresponds to Yogamoves!
Location: Corto Maltese Room, Place du Village 5, 1091 Grandvaux
Price: 390.00 for the weekend..